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Bridging Loans

@Pledge bridging loans are a short term funding solution suitable for when funds are required quickly, for example time sensitive deals such as auction purchases, business cash flow, unexpected tax bills, management buy outs and legal fees, the list is endless. Our bridging finance is secured on first or second charges over your business or personal property assets and can be arranged in house, with a decision in principle within 24 hrs.
Our experienced property lending team will take you through the bridging loans process and how we can meet your needs. We will explain in full the total costs involved so you can make a decision as to whether this kind of finance is right for you. Our loans are designed to provide fast short term finance, but we can also help to secure a suitable term loan to replace your bridging loan at a later date.
  • Up to 65% LTV on 1st & 2nd charges
  • Raise Finance for any purpose
  • Monthly interest rate on a sliding scale
  • Terms from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  • 100% privately funded
  • You speak with decision makers
  • No credit checks required
  • Loans from £25k-£2m
  • Property assets considered throughout the UK
  • Rolled up Interest available on approval
We are principle lenders and all our funding is 100% privately backed, allowing us to make lending decisions without referral to third parties lending criteria. Borrowing from @Pledge means you are dealing with experienced & professional people at all times who can make fast lending decisions when you need them. What we promise is that if we can help we will, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you have your bridging loan funds when you need them.  We don’t want you too miss out on an important deal or suffer the consequences of making late payments.
Our in house legal team can set up 1st and 2nd charges in less than 24 hours for our clients to allow them to make fast purchases and payments using our bridging finance. 
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