Business and bridging loans to help your business move forward.  Banks have been restricting lending to businesses during the recession, but as we come out of the downturn they are unlikely to increase their lending until they improve their balance sheets. This means businesses find themselves wanting to grow but are unable to source finance.
To free the log jam in the market, @Pledge have filled the gap allowing businesses with assets to move forward and stay ahead of the competition. How long will it be before the banks start to lend sensibly again? Well until they do @Pledge business loans may be the ideal short term solution. Don’t miss out on those contracts or orders; contact one of our experienced property managers to discuss your requirements.
  • Bridging loans against your business assets
  • Terms from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  • Monthly interest on a sliding scale
  • No set up, legal or exit fees
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Loans up to 65% LTV
  • 100% privately funded principle lenders
  • Instant decisions and fast turnaround
Bridging loans are a short term funding solution for various financial requirements, for example time sensitive deals such as auction purchases, business cash flow and property refurbishment, the list is endless. Our loans are based on first and second charges over your property assets and can be arranged in house, with a decision in principle within 24 hrs.
Our experienced property lending team will take you through the bridging loans process and how we can meet your needs. We will explain in full the total costs involved so you can make a decision as to whether this source of finance is right for you.
Being principle bridging loans and development finance lenders with all our funding being 100% privately backed we are the decision makers. So you can feel comfortable you are dealing with experienced & professional people at all times. We can normally approve your application within 5 working days.
  • Up to 65% LTV on 1st & 2nd charges
  • Raise Finance for any purpose
  • Monthly interest rate on a sliding scale
  • Terms from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  • 100% privately funded
  • You speak with decision makers
  • No credit checks required
  • Loans from £25k-£2m
  • Property assets considered throughout the UK
  • Rolled up Interest available on approval

Property Development Finance

@Pledge offer residential property and bridging loans for all your development & investment funding requirements. We have have particular experience in this market with a team of 3 managers with over 60 years combined experience in the property market. This gives you the confidence to know that you are dealing with experts who will offer you straightforward no nonsense answers on your residential property funding requirements.

It has been over 7 years now since the credit crisis shocked the world, the banks in particular, and despite a slight upturn in the economy so far this year the banks (despite government incentives) are still reluctant to lend to developers & speculators alike. @Pledge are here to fill this role & ease people’s frustrations where opportunities exist. Our view is that property will always be a good long term investment with peaks & troughs as with any other investment. As we believe we are approaching the end of the trough we are confident in our lending strategy by offering bespoke loans and bridging loans on all types of residential property.

Property and Bridging Loans

As privately funded principle lenders we can offer our clients a decision in principle within 24 hours and a potential drawdown of funds within 10 working days. The suitability of the property is assessed by our Property Team, and providing the loan required does not exceed 65% of the valuation and the affordability is satisfactory, then we can proceed quickly to completion.

To minimise red tape and speed up the application process, we do not carry out credit checks as our security is the property the funds are secured against.

  • All types of residential property considered
  • Development and investment proposals
  • Rolled up Interest available on approval
  • Bridging loans
  • Fast turnaround for your funding
  • Decision in Principle letters available
  • Fixed interest rate for period of the loans
  • Terms from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  • Up to 65% LTV
  • Experienced, professional team
Want to buy your business premises or invest in commercial property? @Pledge commercial property loans offer our clients the opportunity to purchase their business property or to invest in the commercial property market. With the downturn in commercial property values over the last 7 years and with the recovery underway there are endless opportunities throughout the UK to purchase shops, offices, factories, investments, land and buildings at rock bottom prices at auction or in the open market.
@Pledge offer loans up to 65% on commercial property where other companies fear to tread. Our experienced commercial property team recognise that property is at a low point, however once demand returns and the economic environment improves, rents and freehold values will increase making commercial property a valuable asset. It is this fact that enables @Pledge to have the confidence to lend against commercial property of all types.
As a privately funded principle lender we are able to provide an instant quote for your funding requirements and a decision in principle usually within 24 hours. With fixed monthly interest payments and no upfront fees or exit penalties our loans and bridging loans can be taken from 2-6 months (or longer by arrangement) and we can also help arrange the exit route into a long term mortgage if required.

  • All types of commercial property considered
  • No credit checks required
  • Bridging loans
  • Fast turnaround for your commercial loan
  • Terms starting from 2-6 months
  • Fixed monthly interest payments
  • Experienced commercial property lending team
  • Up to 65% LTV (more with additional security)
@Pledge buy to let loans are typically used where bridging loans are quickly required to purchase a property at auction or in high demand where proof of funding and a quick completion is required. Due to the short term nature of our buy to let loans most of our customers use our funds to secure their property and use the time to negotiate the best terms available in the open market for a buy-to-let mortgage. This ultimately saves them money in the long run and puts them ahead of the game in a competitive market. @Pledge also has connections in the mortgage market if ever a buy-to-let mortgage is required.
We simplify and speed up the property lending process by waving the requirement for credit checks. Call them non-status loans if you like but as long as the asset meets our criteria we will approve the loan in days without the need for making you jump through hoops.
Our expert team of property professionals with over 60 years experience, are able to provide a fast service to assist with your enquiry. As principle lenders all our decisions are made in house within 24 hours. Being 100% privately backed we can offer bespoke loans with a large degree of flexibility with emphasis being on the quality of the asset and the clients ability to pay the monthly interest.
Call one of our dedicated property team today.

  •  Bridging Loans from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  •  No credit checks required
  •  Rental cover not required
  •  Up to 65% LTV
  •  Decision in Principle letters available
  •  Fast decisions and turnaround
  •  100% privately funded company
  •  Used for auction or competitive bidding process
  •  Dedicated property lending managers
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