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Buy to Let Loans

@Pledge buy to let secured loans are typically used where fast bridging loans are required to purchase a property either at auction or when a quick completion is required to secure the best price.
Due to the short term nature of our buy to let secured loans most of our customers use our funds to secure and purchase their property, and to use the time they have the loan with us to negotiate the best terms available in the open market for a buy-to-let mortgage.  It also allows landlords to get properties rented, and in so doing make borrowing from high street lenders easily accessible.
This ultimately saves landlords money in the long run and puts them ahead of the game in a competitive market. @Pledge also has connections in the mortgage market if ever a buy-to-let mortgage is required.
  •  Bridging Loans from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  •  No credit checks required
  •  Rental cover not required
  •  Up to 65% LTV
  •  Decision in Principle letters available
  •  Fast decisions and turnaround
  •  100% privately funded company
  •  Used for auction or competitive bidding process
  •  Dedicated property lending managers
We simplify and speed up the property lending process by waiving the requirement for credit checks. Call them non-status loans if you like but as long as the asset meets our lending criteria we will approve the loan in hours without the need for making you jump through hoops.
Our expert team of property professionals with over 60 years experience, are able to provide a fast service to assist with your enquiry. As principle lenders all our decisions are made in house within 24 hours. Being 100% privately backed we can offer bespoke loans with a large degree of flexibility with emphasis being on the quality of the clients asset – Call one of our dedicated property team members today.
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