Business Loans

Raising Venture Capital

Raising Venture Capital
1. Get it right from the Start:
The terms of your first negotiation are very important. Not just because of the impact initially, but because many of those same agreements are likely to carry through to future negotiations so, if you agree to […]

Loans for Business and the EFG

Loans for Business and the EFG
The Enterprise guarantee scheme from a taxpayer’s and the government’s perspective has been an unmitigated expensive disaster. The government entrusted the scheme with the countries bankers only to find that default rates within the scheme are […]

How to Build a Buy to Let Property Portfolio

Buy to Let Property Portfolio
If you are happy to use borrowing here’s one model you could start from. The first thing to recognise is that you will need a minimum salary of £25,000-plus, as this is the usual requirement for most […]

Second Charge Secured Loans

Borrowers Who Should Consider Second Charge Secured Loans
Marcus Reeder, director of AtPledge, says the length of time additional capital is required by a borrower is a key consideration. […]

Short Term Business Loans

Short Term Business Loans – The Governments Funding for Lending Scheme
Running a small business requires funding, if it is to be successful. Traditionally the high street banks have been the first port of call for business funding and this is why, the […]