Buying Property

How to Build a Buy to Let Property Portfolio

Buy to Let Property Portfolio
If you are happy to use borrowing here’s one model you could start from. The first thing to recognise is that you will need a minimum salary of £25,000-plus, as this is the usual requirement for most […]

Buying Houses at Auction

Buying Houses at Auction
One of the most expensive residential properties to be offered at auction is to be auctioned next month. A block of flats in London is expected to make more than £11million. It’s a very large price tag, but what’s really interesting is that the seller has chosen to sell at auction […]

Second Charge Secured Loans

Borrowers Who Should Consider Second Charge Secured Loans
Marcus Reeder, director of AtPledge, says the length of time additional capital is required by a borrower is a key consideration. […]

Buy to Let Bridging

Securing Your Buy To Let Property – Quickly!
The use of property loans for the purchase of buy to let investments has exploded recently due to a number of factors:

Enforcement of MMR. (Mortgage Market Review rules.)
The rapid rise in house prices.
High street lenders imposing […]

What are Bridging Loans?

What Are Bridging Loans?
Bridging loans are a short-term funding option. They are used to ‘bridge’ a gap between a debt becoming due and the main line of credit becoming available. We are predominately talking about property transactions, but they can also act as a short-term loan in pressing circumstances. […]

10 Tips for Buying Property at Auction

One of the main attractions of buying at auction is that you avoid the usual drawn out process of house buying. Buying at a property auction is a much more transparent way to buy a home. You’ll see other bids as they’re made and when the hammer falls, you own the property. Here are our 10 top tips for buying […]