@Pledge Helps First Time Buyers & Part Time Property Developers!

Finding a mortgage is considerably easier than it was directly after the 2008 financial crash, but it’s increasingly difficult to jump over the hurdles the new MMR legislation imposes. We’ve heard you even have to declare if you have a dog to feed within the new regulations!
On a more serious note raising the required deposit to buy a new home, which is normally 5%, can amount to a minimum of £10k for a first time buyer to save, which can take forever. Short term funding from @Pledge can help with this and many more things.
If you need short-term finance to get that all-important first time buyers deposit or even a larger deposit for a move to a new home or a holiday home we can help. It’s all about timing in the property market and we can make the deal happen when you need it to.
You may know that you have access to funds in the future, but you can’t get them when you need them, our funds are readily available to you, and repayable at any time without penalty on our fixed rate monthly interest deal.
You may also be the kind of homeowner who likes to develop the property they are in and sell it at a tax-free profit. We can help with the funds to make the renovations. Short-term loans that will help you to become a property developer with your own home. For example, you could buy a home for £200k and borrow a further £20k from @pledge and sell the property 6 months later for £250k plus. This makes good business sense, and with the recent reduction in stamp duty makes the transaction a levels below £1 million practically tax-free.

For more information on our lending and types of loans visit www.atpledge.co.uk or call or friendly team on 0800 810 1111