How Buying at Auction Works

When you want to find or make new investments, auctions can often be the best place to find great opportunities. Buying a house, a rare vintage car or a billionaires cast offs at auction are all opportunities not to be missed.
However, as is often the case, issues such as insufficient funds and other restrictions often hold back investors from being able to make their dream purchase at auction. To buy at auction you have to know that you have the necessary funds to make the purchase. Once the hammer goes down, you are liable to pay for your purchase, per the terms of the auction houses terms of business, which is normally 28 days.
Auction finance is a specialist service provided by bridging lender AtPledge and provides the funds and opportunity for buyers on a short-term scale to invest when others can’t in assets and properties that can give a massive return to those who are able to purchase there and then.
Giving a 28-day window is most often the norm for transaction completions at auctions and, with the backing of financial assistance from companies such as AtPledge, it is guaranteed that deadlines are met.
AtPledge provide buyers with the confidence and piece of mind to purchase at auction. AtPledge’s auction finance services ensure that the purchaser has a secured agreement loan in principle, which is enough for purchases prior to making an offer at auction.
Finally, as it is important that auction finance is available promptly, AtPledge provide a one-hour decision service, which means you, can make a swift purchase at auction.

For further information on our secured loan auction service or any other short term borrowing requirement, please do not hesitate to contact Greg Barnard today on 0800 810 1111.