How much can I borrow?  Our loans are typically from £25,000 to £1 million. We may also consider bridging loans outside of this range – please contact us if you would care to discuss a specific situation. We are principle lenders and privately funded so we are able to taylor loans specifically to your needs, without the constraints of traditional bank lending. How much will it cost me? Find out by using our Loan Calculator.

@Pledge offers complete flexibility in our bridging loan terms. See our product page for exit penalties.

Firstly, do not worry. If you are unable to redeem the loan at the end of the term, please give us a call. We can consider extending the loan for an additional 6 months if required, and will work with you to ensure the repayment plan is affordable.

We would require a legal charge over an acceptable property as security for the loan.

We can accept various residential and commercial properties as security on short term loans.

If you own a property and look to take out a secured loan, the lender would secure the value of the loan against the property. This means that when the property is sold, the solicitor acting on the sale would repay the loan with money generated from the sale of the property. This is known as a legal charge. The charge against your property would be removed when you have repaid the full amount of the loan associated with the charge.

Typically, @Pledge is able to consider advancing a loan of up to 65% of the valuation of any acceptable security. We are able to consider lending against multiple securities if also required.

The level of 65% is still available but your existing mortgage will be taken into account when calculating the Loan to Value.

As a non-status lender, we can lend to individuals with a poor credit history. We will also consider applications from an individual with CCJ’s and arrears.

Every loan is bespoke and we are able to take entrepreneurial views. Contact us with your enquiry even if your property is “out of the norm” to get a quick decision.