Interest Rate Rises

Every day for the last 3 or 4 months the media have been bombarding us with the fact that interest rates will have to rise soon. They back this up with minute increases in economic growth, fluctuating unemployment figures which go up and down, tiny increases in the inflation rate and warnings from countries such as the US that interest rates are set to rise.
All a bit woolly but the media are adamant that rates are going up some time soon, and this tends to have an influence on decision makers and the markets.
Furthermore, every month the monetary committee of the bank of England meet and we are made painfully aware that some of the committee are beginning to vote in favour of a rate rise.
Nothing can be certain about an interest rate rise, but what is likely is that it will rise in the future rather than go down as we have had record low interest rates for a sustained length of time.
Predictions are that interest rates will rise from as early as November 2015 or as late as March 16. For those of us that are homeowners or business owners with loans suddenly there is a mad rush to fix our loan rates.
Loan rates however, are only forecast to rise very slowly and are predicted to reside between 2 and 3% for the foreseeable future.
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