Marcus Reeder

Having spent over 15 years in investment banking and the IT industry, Marcus Reeder has been able to make @Pledge into one of the best loan companies. Reeder brings a huge wealth of experience in vital areas of the business to @Pledge and has held key positions in equity finance and proprietary trading in leading investment banks. Marcus was a CEO and major shareholder of a software company providing cutting edge solutions to banks. Marcus Reeder is now responsible for the future planning and strategy of @Pledge.
@Pledge prides themselves on being one of the most flexible bespoke lenders in the marketplace with particular emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Each customer will have different requirements for their loan, and we aim to tailor our fast loans to their individual needs. @Pledge offers loans from £25,000 up to £2 million over a variety of loan terms, starting as low as 2 months.
Marcus Reeder quotes “Every loan is bespoke and we are able to take entrepreneurial views”. Contact us with your enquiry even if your property is “out of the norm” to get a quick decision.
Fast loans are secured against residential property regardless of what you require the funding for. It could be for an unexpected tax bill, school fees or to buy a holiday home, it’s entirely up to you. We also have a reputation of lending when others won’t, as we recognise that it is the quality of the asset we are lending against that is the most important factor.
Reeder will also loan on a first or second charge basis, with their fast in-house lawyers making the transaction happen for when you need the funds.
If you are interested in talking to us, give us a call on: 0800 810 1111 or 01604 901101

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