Having Funds Is Essential In Property Developing

Mike Ashley owner of Sports Direct and Newcastle United has moved into London’s luxury property market and is backing a developer to buy storage depot in London to turn it into luxury flats. The facilities were previously owned by the John Lewis Partnership, who has moved to larger premises.
The Sports Direct founder is said to have invested £200m, and stands to make vast profits. Having the funds is essential in property developing to make a killing!
The site in Chelsea has planning permission for a large number of high-end luxury flats and town houses. The development could be worth as much as £900 million when finished, and will appeal to the wealthy elite of London society!
Mr Ashley is thought to have backed the deal through his holding company Mash Holdings, where the recent sale of part of his stake in Sports direct has been deposited.

Property Developers Finance

Whilst all you property developers out there might not have access to Mike Ashley’s wallet, there are alternatives available.
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