It is a misconception that property development finance is not available. When traditional lenders pulled out of financing property developments there became a gap in the market and as a result companies like AtPledge bridged that gap.


AtPledge offer property development finance to builders who are looking to finance anything from their own self-build property to small residential commercial developments.


Securing Property Development Finance

We offer short and medium term funding to the non-regulated residential and commercial property sectors. Our loans can be secured against property or land within the UK. It is a quick solution to be used when there is a time constraint or when mainstream lenders won’t lend perhaps because a property is uninhabitable.


We provide access to funds for:

  • Property auctions
  • Property renovation
  • Property developments
  • Property re-fits
  • Land buying
  • Short term capital raising
Our loans can be placed as a first or second charge against your property and can be secured against a main residence or a buy to let investment property. This enables developers to keep existing mortgage deals whilst borrowing more money against the property.


Helping Developers

At Pledge have helped many property developers finance small, medium and large property developments. We pride ourselves on service and work closely with you to understand your requirements, ensuring you have the best chance of success.


Funding is available from £10,000 to £1,000,000 and our decision is made in principle within 24 hours, fund can be with you in less than 10 days.
Contact us our proffessional fast loans team for more details or to discuss your next development project, no matter how large or small.


The Team at @Pledge