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@Pledge provides fast loans secured against residential property regardless of what you require the funding for. It could be for an unexpected tax bill, school fees or to buy a holiday home, its entirely up to you. We also have a reputation of lending when others won’t, as we recognise that it is the quality of the asset we are lending against that is the most important factor.
We will also loan on a first or second charge basis, with our fast in house lawyers making the transaction happen for when you need the funds.
We have particular experience in this market with a team of 3 managers with over 60 years combined knowledge of the property market. This gives you the confidence to know that you are dealing with experts who will offer you straightforward no nonsense answers on your residential property funding requirements.
  • All types of residential property considered
  • Development and investment proposals
  • Up to 65% LTV
  • Decision in Principle letters available for vendors
  • Fast turnaround for your funding
  • Rolled up Interest available on approval
  • Bridging loans
  • Fixed interest rate for period of the loans
  • Terms from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  • Experienced, professional team
It has been over 7 years now since the credit crisis shocked the world, yet the banks, despite an upturn in the economy and government incentives are still reluctant to lend residential development finance to individuals, developers & speculators alike. @Pledge is here to fill this role & ease people’s frustrations where opportunities exist that are suited to residential bridging finance. Our view is that property will always be a good long term investment with peaks & troughs as with any other investment.
Property is now rising in value sharply so we are confident in our lending strategy of offering bespoke residential property finance and residential bridging loans on all types of property.
As privately funded principle lenders we can offer our clients a lending decision in principle within 24 hours and a potential drawdown of funds within 10 working days (Quicker if urgent). Our Property Team assesses the amount you can bridge against your residential property, and providing the loan required does not exceed 65% of the valuation and the affordability is satisfactory, then we can proceed quickly to completion.
To minimise red tape and speed up the application process, we do not carry out credit checks, as our major lending criteria is the quality of the property assets the funds are secured against.


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