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Business Lending

@Pledge secured business loans can help your business to move forward when others won’t lend. Banks have been restricting lending in particular to businesses during the recession, and are unlikely to increase their business lending until they improve their balance sheets significantly. This means businesses find themselves wanting to grow but are unable to source business loans.
Our team at @Pledge have developed products which allow businesses with assets to move forward and stay ahead of the competition. Our business loans are the ideal short term solution for your business funding, allowing you take advantage of contracts, orders and great purchasing opportunities.
To give you an idea of costs, try our loan calculator.
  • Loan decisions in principle in 24 hours
  • We work to make loans available for when you need them
  • Bridging loans against your business assets
  • Terms from 2-6 months (longer by arrangement)
  • Monthly interest on a sliding scale
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Loans up to 65% LTV
  • 100% privately funded principle lenders

Commercial Property Loans

Want to buy a business premises and need funds quickly to secure the best price? @Pledge secured business loans offer our clients the opportunity to purchase property in days and then find a suitable term loan to refinance the loan at leisure. With the downturn in commercial property values over the last 7 years and with the recovery underway there are endless opportunities throughout the UK to purchase shops, offices, factories, land and buildings at rock bottom prices at auction or in the open market.
@Pledge offer loans up to 65% LTV on commercial property where other companies fear to tread. Our experienced property team recognise that commercial property is at a historic low, however, once demand returns and the economic environment improves, rents and freehold values will increase making commercial property a valuable asset. It is this fact that enables @Pledge to have the confidence to lend against commercial property of all types.
As a privately funded principle lender we are able to provide an instant quote for your funding requirements and a decision in principle usually within 24 hours. With fixed monthly interest payments our business loans can be taken from 2-6 months (or longer by arrangement) and we can also help arrange the exit route into a term loan if required.

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