We are looking for Short Term Loan Brokers & Intermediaries

Writing a short-term loan by some is viewed as complicated and often placed into ‘bin 13’. However, those with any senses will work out what has the best return.
Moving into short-term lending gives a very profitable alternative income stream and has a significant return on time invested. Loans are normally completed within 2 to 7 days, with the intermediary/broker paid on the day of settlement. Depending on the level of risk and length of the loan, there is typically a 2% commission, which for a £250,000 loan is £5000.
The size of the loan market hugely affects the scale of return. Worldwide, short-term lending is a large growth industry. In the UK this goes hand in hand with a rapidly evolving SME sector that is still demonstrating very strong demand for short-term loans. Short-term loans provide essential cash to allow businesses to overcome cash flow problems. This can include paying creditors, financing stock purchasing, and paying corporation tax, providing working capital or bridging finance. If rates are competitive, short terms loans provide a valuable alternative to clients who may not meet high street lending standards.

Licensed and Regulated

Lenders such as @Pledge that are properly licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ensure that brokers can now be completely confident of writing compliant short-term loans.
However, like any niche market, to be compliant it requires an understanding of both product, customers and processes in order to maximise opportunities.
Short-term loans provide an opportunity for brokers to boost their bottom line, increase their clientele and provide a broader more effective product offering.

Marcus Reeder, CEO @Pledge
Marcus Reeder is a recognised leader within the short-term finance. As the CEO of the established short-term lender @Pledge, Marcus leads a team that’s committed to providing lending solutions nationwide. The company is known for lending when others won’t and excellent support ensures compliancy. As a professional lender in the short-term loan sector, @Pledge prides itself on its professional approach to lending money to customers when they need it.

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